Hospital at home | Benefits

Velamos por su saludWhat are the benefits we offer you?

The benefits of our home care service

Clínica Humana offers a wide range of care and assistance activities for patients in their own homes.

We adapt the infrastructures in the home to the services provided by our specialised health team, including medical assessment, nursing services, medication administration, as well as ongoing patient assessment and monitoring.

We offer our team’s services to private individuals, clinics and insurers

Better treatment in the home

Thanks to our hospital at home care, patients are able to stay or return earlier to their regular environment and their loved ones, thereby causing minimum disturbance to the family routine.

We also encourage and facilitate the family’s active involvement in the patient’s recovery.

Benefits for patients, their families and hospitals

Nothing but benefits

We manage to reduce or avoid the financial costs and negative effects of extended hospital stays.

Examples include traumas and infections, etc.

We optimise the use of hospital beds and facilities and considerably reduce hospital readmission rates.

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