Chronic patients | Description


A totally innovative care system for chronic patients based on patient centricity.

Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are of long duration and generally slow progression.

Although there is no stipulated period, a disease is normally considered chronic after six months.

In addition to their high mortality rate, these diseases are also a major cause of disability and loss of quality of life.

According to the WHO, chronic diseases account for 63% of deaths worldwide.

No treatment

Although there are no treatments for the permanent cure of chronic diseases, much can be done in terms of their prevention and the application of therapies that slow down their progression and reduce outbreaks.

Furthermore, medical care can contribute to improving patients’ quality of life.

Today, the standard of care chronic patients receive is clearly deficient.

The current situation

Chronic patients’ experience with the health care system is characterised by numerous, poorly-coordinated hospital appointments and diagnoses.

There is frequent recourse to the use of emergency services and numerous hospital admissions.

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